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Merging of files

Instead of working with multiple separate files, you can collect related information into a single document or folder, making your data easier to find and manage. Sending or uploading a single file is more convenient than working with several files, reducing the risk of errors. Combine datasets for comprehensive analysis by combining multiple sources. Manage large volumes of data or documents more efficiently. Create comprehensive records and reports, ensuring all relevant data is included. Save time and effort in file management. Combining tables and charts with the data you need to analyze and explore the data helps you create informative visualizations. File merging improves organization, efficiency and data/document management in personal, academic, professional and business contexts.

Conversion of files

File conversion is an important and versatile process that meets a variety of needs, such as ensuring compatibility, optimizing files for different purposes, preserving data, and improving security. It plays a vital role in our digital world, allowing us to work efficiently with files across applications, devices and contexts. Our file converter is not only capable of converting similar file types, but can also extract PDF properties and save them to XML.

Splitting of files

Easily split large files into smaller, more manageable pieces. If the files have pages, you can specify which pages to extract into a separate file. This can be useful, for example, when you don't want to reveal the secret contents of a file in general and only want to share some data. Or the entire file is too large and you want to reduce the cost of distributing it over the network. In any case, our web application will come in handy.

Compression of files

If you think your file is too big and you want to replace it with a smaller one, you can use this web application. It is designed to reduce file size without losing its content. You can only lose the quality of the file, so just in case, do not delete the original and choose a compression ratio to get the best ratio of size and quality.

Editing of PDF file

Please note that our PDF editor may not function properly when using Firefox browser. However, our editor offers various capabilities such as creating curved lines, adding text, deleting rectangular or elliptical areas, and inserting images. You can also customize the font, color, and size of the text. Additionally, the alpha color channel is fully supported. Any added objects can also be rotated in 45-degree increments.

Searching in PDF file

This web app is useful if, for example, your mobile app doesn't have the ability to search for words in PDF files. Or, more relevantly, when a PDF file is created by scanning printed materials or converting the original to a bitmap image. For this case, the application has optical character recognition (OCR), thanks to which the file is first transformed into such that you can select text in it and search for it, and only then the search takes place as in the complete file. .

Parsing of PDF file

This is a very convenient web application for grouping PDF file components of the same type. It analyzes the file, then extracts its components and groups them into folders or files: pictures to pictures, text to text, tables to tables, etc.

Scanned PDF to searchable

The program is equipped with OCR (Optic Character Recognition) technology. Thanks to this, it will become an indispensable assistant in converting a PDF file obtained by scanning into such a PDF file that you can search for text, words and even highlight them, copy them to the clipboard for later use.

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